Best times to fish are early and late

Hot daytime temperatures make it exhausting to fish in the middle of the day, so smart anglers have been heading out early in the morning and coming back by 10 a.m. or departing in the afternoon and returning after dark.


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Florida Tourism Not Seeing Green as Toxic Algae Chokes Business

Florida’s toxic algae is damaging more than the coastline — it’s destroying the local economy, too.

In a region that relies heavily on tourism, the giant sludgy green froth currently plaguing Florida’s “Treasure Coast” is a business owner’s nightmare.

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Gov. Scott balks at prioritizing reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee

As Florida waterways turn green with toxic algae, Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday promised more money but not necessarily new solutions for Lake Okeechobee water problems.

Draining Lake Okeechobee water to the east and west coasts, to prevent flooding in South Florida, is killing fishing grounds and spreading algae blooms that can make people sick.


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Palm Beach County tourism community wants to clear up algae bloom perceptions

The algae bloom devastating the Treasure Coast has been described in national headlines as a “reeking,” “oozing” and “guacamole-thick” mess that is closing South Florida beaches.

Those are not exactly the words Palm Beach County‘s tourism industry wants associated with Florida’s waters.

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Angry About Florida’s Ruined Waters, Fishermen Unite Against Big Sugar

Fishing guide Mike Conner putters his skiff across the Indian River Lagoon near Stuart, about a two-hour drive north of Miami. He used to bring clients from all over the United States here to stalk delicious pompano, yard-long snook, and the Holy Grail of inshore fishing: sea trout longer than 30 inches. Today the lush seagrass flats that once formed an underwater Serengeti are gone. Instead, Conner peers down through the shallows at a barren underwater desert — only sand, as far as he can see.

Conner, now 60, simmers with a controlled rage as he turns the skiff around, back toward the boat ramp in the Saint Lucie River. On the way, it smells like rotten lettuce as the water suddenly changes color from a delicate green to a dank wall of burnt coffee. This brown mass is the source of Conner’s anger.

“I would say it’s the worst environmental crisis ever in the state,” he says of Florida’s nasty water problem, “and I think its the 11th hour right now.”

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Summer in South Florida A to Z

South Florida schools start their break this month, which means many families now have a lot more time to explore together. The region offers plenty to get families out of the house and into summer fun:

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Lobster-trap report draws ire from commercial fishing group

Florida Keys commercial lobster fishermen bristled at a report on traps in protected marine areas being presented at this week’s South Atlantic Fishery Management Council meeting.

The report on small no-trapping areas created to safeguard spots with branching elkhorn or staghorn corals is scheduled for a Spiny Lobster Committee meeting at 9:30 a.m. Thursday in Cocoa Beach.

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Comcast to lift controversial data cap to 1 terabyte

Comcast announced Wednesday that all of its customers in data trial markets, including South Florida, will move from a 300 gigabytes data cap per month to a terabyte beginning June 1, regardless of the speed of their internet plan. This comes on the heels of thousands of customer complaints nationwide as Comcast has been testing the caps.

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Congressional bills aim to kill Biscayne National Park’s protected no-fishing zone

A planned no-fishing zone in Biscayne National Park could be undone by Congress.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) this week filed a Senate bill called the Preserving Public Access to Public Waters Act that puts the 16-square-mile Biscayne marine reserve in its crosshairs.

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