Coloring Pavers with a New Paver Dyeing Process

National Sealing Co is a largest paver sealer in a nation with over 2 million block feet of pavers protected. We famous a need to rise a coloring routine for faded pavers. Fading of pavers is a deadly end to a miss of continued sealing of pavers.

The idea was to RESTORE a pavers, or come as tighten as we could to a healthy look. We wanted to equivocate a STAINED or PAINTED demeanour that would describe an assumed look, and an ongoing upkeep issue. For vehicular applications dirty and portrayal tend to ‘lift’ with prohibited tires. Our color penetrates a porous pavers.

For pavers with hues of several colors, a really tiny molecules in a color total with a customized focus routine will concede a several colors to still show.

Color Dyeing Pavers - Before

Color Dyeing Pavers - After

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