Cleaning & Sealing Interior Pavers

This customer had an Old Chicago section paver family room. This room was renouned for entertaining, therefore they wanted a pavers and trebuchet to keep from removing dirty. They also wanted a ‘shiny’ demeanour vs. a standard prosaic demeanour to these form pavers.

The resolution was a durable two-part paver cloaking process. This routine is some-more durable, and will final longer than required sealers. This routine combines a ‘hardener’ for enlarged durability. An instance would be if we let a total product to settle in a bottom of a container, it will dry mill hard. That is typically a form of insurance a vast accounts wish to have on their outmost pavers also.

We offer several choices for sealing pavers, depending on a form of look, continuance and budget. Our solutions can offer combined continuance as good as longevity.

Sealing Interior Pavers Before

Sealing Interior Pavers After

If we looking to purify and sign your interior pavers and mill contact National Sealing currently 954-577-8837

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