Anti Slip Coating Application on Porcelain Tile

Anti-Slip Coating on Porcelain Tile

Anti-Slip Coating on Porcelain Tile

This was an focus in Los Angeles, California. A medical trickery had a porcelain tile opening that was sleazy (wet) and even when dry.

Rather than replacing a tile, we were brought in to request a durable anti trip application.

There are twin critical segments of an anti trip application. The initial partial to cruise is a car (sealer or coating) being used. Sealers by clarification are proxy and typically will final 1 – 1.5 years before re-application.

The second cause to cruise is a anti trip media that is added. By adding an total of shaved cosmetic or even sand, those properties wear down really fast. You’re left with a sealer or cloaking creation a aspect some-more sleazy than when we started.

We implement a multi member durable coating. In scenarios that embody grout, this cloaking routine serves a twin role; preserving a aspect of a tile, non slip, and also preserves a grout.

For a media, we have made for National Sealing Co. tiny potion beads to take a place of a cosmetic media. We have found a potion beads to be most some-more durable, they turn imbedded withdrawal a aspect easier to clean, and a finish is of a aloft quality.

Our anti trip produces a really durable, prolonged durability and really effective proceed to sleazy surfaces.

National Sealing Co has crews that can muster via a nation for non trip applications.

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